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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Watotolly?

Watotolly is a technology company that offers busy parents the ability to connect and exchange babysitting services within trusted networks.

Who can sign up for Watotolly?
Adults within exclusive, selected communities who are a parent or legal guardian to at least one minor child may sign up for Watotolly after completing a due diligence process and intake process. Currently, Watotolly is only being offered to families affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and selected, exclusive living communities in the greater Philadelphia area.

What information is required before I can begin babysitting exchanges?
You must complete an intake questionnaire and interview with our team, submit home inspection photos, agree to a background check, and provide certification of homeowners or renters insurance.

How much will I pay for the babysitting exchanges?
The childcare exchanges on Watotolly’s platform are free. No money is exchanged between Watotolly parents. The “cost” you incur is the time you contribute to babysit for other parents who, by virtue of opting in to Watotolly’s platform, are also willing to babysit for you. Watotolly has developed a dynamic point system to track babysitting exchanges - earn points when you babysit and spend points when others babysit for you. Watotolly works best when parents on the platform are willing to be part of a vibrant community of give and take.

Who will be caring for my kids?
Other parents in your area who have a shared point of connectivity - through your school, neighborhood, church, or even your job. Currently, Watotolly is only being offered to families affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and selected, exclusive living communities.

How do I find a babysitter?

Using Watotolly’s platform, you will be responsible for regularly updating your availability to host babysitting play dates. You will be notified when others in the community request to book a play date with you. When you are the one receiving care and the other party accepts your booking request, you drop off your kids to the host, and enjoy your time: go on a date night, attend a networking event or happy hour, have an uninterrupted bubble bath, go to a cycling class or run errands without the shenanigans!

This sounds too good to be true. How does Watotolly make money?

We make money through a one-time initiation fee and an affordable monthly subscription fee that users will pay to access our platform. The paid subscription options will be available in Spring 2017. Until then, Watotolly is 100% free for the parents selected to join.

Why don’t I just get contact info of parents I meet through Watotolly, leave the platform, and organize my own play dates and exchanges?

You could definitely do that and we encourage the families on our platform to build lasting relationships. Here’s why going off the platform is not an optimal solution:

  1. Convenience: Watotolly’s technology is designed to make booking and hosting babysitting exchanges simple and easy - literally you can book with the click of a button. Doing this on your own will inevitably lead to time you can never get back and the added stress of multiple text messages, emails and calendar invites back and forth between you and the people you’ll connect with through our platform.

  2. Accountability and Fairness: At some point, the off-platform exchanges will have a breakdown in communication. Our technology has a rating and feedback system that provides data to ensure that only the most committed, high quality families are part of our community. Our points tracker keeps everyone honest in a way that is difficult to sustain in a 1:1 off-platform situation.

  3. Availability: By staying on the platform, you optimize booking options by seeing a range of matches for the days and times you need a babysitter. Managing this 1:1 off the platform sounds like a headache most parents just don’t need and significantly limits your options, especially for last minute bookings.

  4. Insurance: Watotolly carries a comprehensive insurance policy for our company and requires people who use our platform to provide proof of a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Who is behind Watotolly?

Watotolly’s CEO is Divinity Matovu, a thirty year old mother of two, who is currently enrolled full-time as an MBA student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School studying finance and entrepreneurial management. Divinity is a serial entrepreneur who has experience in law, non-profit and investment management, consulting and impact investing. Divinity is backed by a team of committed, trusted advisors who have more than 35 years combined experience in tech, marketing and strategy with companies like Google, NASA, FitBit and NPR.

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